IED Alumni is the platform for all graduates of IED since the school's founding. Alumni Community also includes all former students who have taken one or more courses at IED.

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IED has over 120,000 former students from more than 130 Countries across the five continents in the disciplines of Design, Fashion, Communication and Management and Visual Arts.

 Established in 1966, IED - a 100% Italian Group - includes nowadays 11  Schools: Milan, Rome, Turin, Venice, Florence, Cagliari, Como, Madrid, Barcelona, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, constantly expanding its network.  

 What makes IED so extraordinary? IED promotes Project Culture, that's why is an exclusive Institution that boasts:
  • an International network of students who study and work with different viewpoints, embracing a global and contemporary vision.   
  • a staff of teachers and course coordinators who are unique for an educational institution: all professionals who take on a teaching role and convey their know-how from the company to the school.
  • constant interaction with major global companies in their sector of relevance within IED.

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