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Simone Forcina

Simone Forcina's CVE (IT)


Simone Forcina is a Graphic Designer from Italy, Specialising in brand identity, identity and communication of luxury, Editorial design, Psychology of image and Art direction.
He is currently based in Formia, a city near Rome, After his graduation in visual communication design at IED in Rome.

Always attracted by new challenges and opportunities in working environment of design and visual communication.
Is open to collaborations with design and advertising agencies and professionals in various related work environments.

His stylistic trand is often characterised by the use of visual elements can stimulate Gestalt like optical illusions, asymmetrical balance, inversion of physical laws, Morphology of the elements and repeating items.

Today in his portfolio we can find works in different working environments, from BRAND IDENTITY to VIDEO COMPOSITING, from ADVERTISING to UI & UX.

Simone is appassionate of medieval engraving, Japanese mythology & calligraphy, natural elements, illustration, photography & video editing

Professional experience

Foundator/ artdirector/ graphic designer

mindzign design studio , Formia - Permanent contract

From October 2013 to Today


Roma – Visual Communication – Graphic Design - Graphic Design (Italian language) – 2014 – Three years courses


3D modeling
Video Editing
graphic design
Editorial Design
Digital Illustration
motion graphics
ui design
UX Design
photo editing
still life
digital design
digital drawing
Design Strategy
Visual Merchandising
product design
Art Direction
strategic communication
Visual Communication


  • art
  • photography
  • visual culture
  • illustration
  • magazine
  • fashion
  • extreme sports
  • jewelry design