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  • 7 Mar 2019
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To participate to the international Arts of Fashion Competition 2019, applicants should register online.

The application fee is $40 for the Fashion or Accessory category. After confirmation of registration each applicant should submit a file of drawings/illustrations of a mini collection of 3 outfits in menswear, womenswear or a mixed collection of both menswear and womenswear or 3 accessories.

The theme 2019 is VERTICALITY and this word covers what we all go through in this era of globalization, political and tense economic climate crisis. It can also indicates other forms of verticality from your own creative mind and imagination.

- Please read carefully the regulations HERE and remember that the AoFF Competition is open to students registered in a School or University during the year 2018/2019 and especially before the deadline to receive their project: April 1, 2019.

- When a first student from an institution registered, the name of his/her School or University appears on the AoF website page of the competition. The main criteria for being part of the first 50 selected are truly creativity in Fashion design and concept, as well as a well-crafted project. 

- When the first jury meets in May, samples of fabric/material are also highly inportant in the student file. This is why we do not accept file submission online.

With regards to the rise of design competitions being increasingly managed by fashion businesses and their communication offices for commercial gains, the Arts of Fashion Foundation is proud to assure students that the Arts of Fashion competition has been organized by a group of volunteers and designers for more than 10 years with no commercial motives.

This unique competition is dedicated solely to celebrate emerging designers and their creativity.

- Student work is protected and therefore not in view, nor is sold to trend offices and design studios.

- Students don't give up the intellectual property rights of their designs when they participate in the competition of the Arts of Fashion Foundation.

- Student projects received by April 1 are judged by a carefully selected jury of fashion design professors who travel on their own budget.

- The 50 selected students - finalists - compete for scholarships allowing them to participate to the unique MasterClasses and apprenticeships with creative studios around the world. They present their work on the runway in front of carefully selected jury of fashion professionals in San Francisco with the support of YKK Corporation, VIP guests and long time volunteers and local partners including the San Francisco French American International School.

The Arts of Fashion is dedicated to bringing the best sources of education and research to students and designers. Please check editions from the past years.

By filling out the form HERE, I declare to have read the general conditions for participation as well as the rules & regulations of the competition below and I agree to abide by them fully.

Anna Rogg



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