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Meet DIANA KVARIANI Three-Year Course Fashion Design IED Roma a.y. 06 07




We’d like to introduce Diana Kvariani, Georgian, graduated in Fashion Design at IED Roma in 2007.


Q.: can you tell us some tips about your school path at IED Rome? The most catching experience you had or the best teachings about fashion design you received and that you still adopt in your job today?

A.: 3 years at IED have been the most interesting years for education. I always had a passion for fashion, but at IED I learnt how to turn my passion into a real business.

IED taught me to be very creative, to look further. I started combining colours and fabrics, that at first sight seemed unmatchable, to find my own signature and place in the world of fashion.

People that taught me in IED were very talented with a huge experience in fashion.

 I was told many times that I have this “Italian signature” in my collections, and I am deeply proud of that! I was so lucky to get an education exactly from the Italians. “


Q.: After some years away from your country, what were your impressions about fashion design once back home? 

A.: once back in my country I found many changes in the fashion industry and I saw people starting to wear local designers. Although industry was growing slowly, there was a huge progress. We became more famous in the neighbour countries and this trend is still increasing, We sell our collections all around the world, in very glamorous stores.

Q.: you participated in the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in 2014-15, the most important fashion week in East Europe. A precious opportunity to increase your visibility. Which is your main feature, as fashion designer, compared to others from East-Europe? 

A.: I participated in the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 3 years in a row, from 2014 to 2018, twice a year. I think my brand’s feature is colourfulness. Georgians love minimalism and dark or grey colours. I am the most “not Georgian” brand in Tbilisi. My collections are very bright and colorful - made with rare and special materials.  People recognize my clothes in the streets. No doubt that main plus of my brand is the high quality of garments, corresponding to a “prêt-à porter” level.

Tblisi Mercedes Fashion Week

Q.: what do you think is the most important contribution to fashion design, after your graduation in Italy? 

A.: to me is the opportunity to combine Italian and Georgian style in one brand. Italy gave me the possibility to find my way as professional, Georgia the opportunity to make this profession real.

Q.: do you think creativity is the fundamental factor in fashion or analysis and research come first?  

A.: I think that both research and creativity are very important in fashion. Research because fashion moves always forward and creativity makes the difference from mass market brands.

Diana Kvariani's new collection  


Q.: can you picture yourself in the future?  

A.: well, 5 years ago I pictured myself having a successful brand with a couple of stores in Tbilisi and today I got it.

 Now looking at the future, I like to figure myself selling my collections in the best stores in Italy, France, England, United States and the rest of the world… 

Fingers crossed!!

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