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MARIANNA GIULIA POLETTI – Three-Year Communication Design Course IED MILANO a.y. 10 11




We recently met Marianna Poletti who graduated from the three-year Communication Design Course in 2011 at IED Milano.

We have already had the opportunity to work with her on several occasions, and in a sense we can say that it is as if she never left the Institute. First of all because of the excellent memories we have of her when she was a student, and during further collaborations she had with the school in the role of IED Ambassador.

Q: eight years have passed since your diploma, and from a certain point of view it seems like yesterday, but this has been an important period of time during which you've certainly acquired knowledge and you've had access to excellent inspiration, from which you conceived and then developed a project with a truly original and very convincing formula: JUST KNOCK.

Can you tell us a bit more about the time of your education at IED and afterward in the job market? What were the most significant experiences that you think helped you to grow?

A: it's been eight years since I graduated from IED, and I remember that period as being crucial for my professional education. The design-focused teaching method involving a constant dialogue with teachers – who are also professionals in the field – was of fundamental importance. The IED programme taught me how to work on projects in a concrete manner, always with a perspective that was focused on translating theory into practice. In 2014, after an initial brief experience with a communication agency, I decided to found my own start-up called Just Knock that revolutionises the way of finding work, allowing candidates to propose themselves by sending ideas to companies instead of sterile CVs. I strongly believe that the concept and the vision behind Just Knock were conceived and developed thanks to the approach that IED taught me during my three years of studies.

Q: would you like to illustrate this new perspective? We think it's an important gateway for the numerous talented people that are part of our community and that through your platform could find a place full of opportunities and sharing.

Just the name of the project is a guarantee in itself. 

The expression Just Knock is engaging and friendly because you get the feeling that whoever opens the door is ready to welcome you. At this moment in time we find this to be both a beautiful and encouraging thing, also with regard to the many people who may feel discouraged by calls for tenders and exhausting competitions for jobs, struggles that should be relegated to our past, though necessary to achieve the new awareness of today. 

A: as I mentioned, Just Knock transforms impersonal job ads into engaging challenges, allowing candidates to apply by sending ideas instead of CVs.

The proposed model allows all candidates to get involved by showing their potential, and companies to immediately gauge their alignment and motivation.

Just Knock also requires that companies first assess the submitted projects without being able to know the identity of the author, with the aim of focusing on merit and eliminating prejudice. Digital technology at the service of humanity.

“ Our payoff? “You matter, apply better

Q: what happens in practical and relational terms when someone opens Just Knock's door? Just Knock's triangulation involves three actors: the collection tank, which is the platform itself, the job seeker and the company.

A: with Just Knock we ask applicants to take charge of their futures, to get involved knocking on the doors of the companies they love, no longer talking about what they did in the past but rather what they want and can do for them today. If it's true that the future will increasingly belong to robotics and artificial intelligence, the skills most sought by companies will be the softer and irreplaceable human qualities: problem solving, resourcefulness, creativity and flexibility. Just Knock seeks to be a meeting point in the labour market of the future.

the work-flow presentation of Just Knock

Q: what role did companies play in this relationship? Why did they instinctively appreciate Just Knock and choose to participate?

A: often companies with famous brands are flooded with CVs of applicants who are not suited to the company or poorly motivated, because job seekers can send CVs to anybody and everybody with just a click. With Just Knock they see a tool that immediately tests and automatically selects only motivated candidates who have the skills to take on their challenges. Moreover, our system allows human resource departments to eliminate prejudice and break out of selection standards (marks at school, age, university of origin, etc.) to find extraordinary people who can make a difference, who don't just want to work FOR the company but who want to work WITH the company.

Q: what lessons from IED were you able to apply to this project? Talking about the educational approach.


 this idea for a business was conceived at IED.

In addition to the teaching method, it was essential to dialogue and share with teachers who were able to guide and nudge me towards this challenging adventure.

Q: in harmony with the dictates of this new age, we believe it's Just Knock's feminine approach to work that is appealing. A gentler method with a more flexible timeline that offers more opportunities for reflection and assessment of human resources to propose and their design skill. Who are your fellows on this adventure? Because success always happens with a team, rarely alone. Do you agree?

A: I started Just Knock on my own, but the fact that today we have a community of 60,000 users and more than 60 client companies is due to the work done by my team and my partners Isabella and Sara. I looked for people who strongly share my vision and who can compensate for my shortcomings and weaknesses, both from a professional and a human point of view. Today our team consists of 10 people, but we are always looking for young people who want to join the family!

Q: do you see a possible evolution of the platform in the near future?

A: 2019 will be the year dedicated to international expansion. Currently we are taking our first steps in Spain to open up new opportunities there. 

Q: what do you feel like saying or suggesting to those who are reading this? What makes an idea successful? Is it that impulse that shoots straight from the head to the heart? The right balance between Yin and Yang?

A: whether you want to find a job in a big company or start your own business, I suggest to anyone who is reading this to keep an open mind and heart and to be curious. It's critical to try to find your deepest motivation that pushes you to strive with passion to make your dreams come true, because only by loving what we do we can aim for true success (i.e. personal satisfaction and social validation).





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