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  • 27 Feb 2019
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What’s DressYouCan

DressYouCan is a female fashion renting service that operates in a Milan downtown showroom and through, delivering to Clients located in any part of Italy.

At DressYouCan women can rent for 3-days iconic dresses, shoes and accessories for a very small price.

DressYouCan's portfolio ranges from world renowned fashion brands to young emerging designers.

DressYouCan manages internally the entire value chain (including dry cleaning, tailoring and repairing) leaving the Client only the fun to choose, enjoy and return.

DressYouCan provides an “experiential marketing” for young dress designers and brands

A designer who rents his/her gown through the company’s website gets exposure to a core group of customers, who are often in their mid-twenties. 

With “fast fashion” retailers like Zara and H&M selling designer knock-offs for less, DressYouCan has found a way to reverse the trend toward commoditization of designer labels.

Why DressYouCan

DressYouCan is constantly looking for new brands and emerging designers whose talent, supported by the strong brand awareness of the company in the renting field, could guarantee - and benefit from - an effective partnership.

How DressYouCan

The focus of DressYouCan’s business model is selecting a carefully picked number of fashion designers who can give the service exclusivity. In turn, they can benefit from the partnership by getting a much wider visibility.

Together, the designers and DressYouCan select a series of outstanding items whose quality, original touch and easy wearability would allow a widespread dissemination of a relatively limited collection of samples.

DressYouCan: fashion, not fashionable

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